About Hey Darren

Hey Darren is where I, Darren White, write about music, travel, food, community and other things that I think are interesting. I hope it’s funny and meaningful and I hope reading it doesn’t waste your time.

I used to be a journalist, but now I work in higher education marketing. I’m sure I’ll write a little about that, too. I have a journalism degree from TCU (Go Frogs!) and an MBA from Texas Wesleyan (Go Rams!). Fort Worth is my favorite city in Texas, but we just recently moved to Jacksonville, Fla. (Go Jags!). I was born and mostly-raised in South Florida (Go crime!), but I made a little stop off in East Texas (Go away!). I play guitar and sometimes I’m on the radio.

I’m married to my wife, Jessica, who is a great interior designer and a lot of fun to travel around the country with. I wrote this sentence because the last sentence ended in a preposition. On occasion, I might ask some of my friends to write a post or two here. If you like what you read, please share it with your friends.