Jessica and Darren go to Jacksonville, Fla. (and stay there)

So, we're moving to Jacksonville, Fla.

Well, we’ve already moved, sort of. We found a rent house in the San Marco neighborhood in November, which Jessica and Toby (our cat, for those who don’t know) moved into a few weeks ago so Jessica could start work at her new job before the Christmas holiday. I am still here in Fort Worth, finishing up my work at Texas Wesleyan University, where I’ve been for the last eight years, and patiently waiting for our Fort Worth home to sell.

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What Dustin Salter taught me about life and faith

To know Dustin was to see the big in everything. Dustin was big -- six-foot-five with an eardrum-splitting laugh and a big, goofy smile. He had no time for small conversations; everything was big picture, big questions -- “so what does this meeeeeean?” Dustin was focused on the big picture, and if you were around him, you were, too. He was genuine. He came on strong and stayed that way, because that’s who he was.

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