This is Slim Harpo’s actual business card

slim harpo business card
slim harpo business card
Slim Harpo’s business card.

Every legendary bluesman needs a business card. This was given to me by my friend Tom the other day, and I thought I would share it. I found a cool article about Slim Harpo online by looking up the address (the house still stands). Apparently the address was to his home, which he built himself. He sounds like a man of true dignity.

“Gambler, who had left Southern University to join the Air Force, remembered coming home on leave in 1963. Slim had replaced the frame house with a brick one.

“They tore the old house down except for one room; they lived in that. He had a contractor, Juban Lumber, build a new house for eight thousand dollars.

‘It had rooms on both sides—kitchen, dining room, living room, three bedrooms, a bathroom.

‘That night when I got home I walked all around the house before I even knocked on the door. I thought I was in paradise.'”





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